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MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase II is a housing society developed by the MPCHS entity while implementing the best construction standards. It is located at Chakri Road opposite Faisal Town Phase-II. Thalian Interchange and M-2 Motorway also lie in the vicinity of Phase 2.

It is now indeed the best housing society in twin cities due to affordability and trusted developers. The famous developers have promised to offer just excellent amenities and nothing less.

Trusted Developers & Owners

MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 is developed by the Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). The organization has previously developed several residential and commercial projects with 100% satisfaction for investors. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to secure your life savings, then invest in the projects of MPCHS Islamabad.

Their projects are all over the twin cities where hundreds and thousands of people are residing while enjoying all the signature facilities in a secure environment. MPCHS is a well-regarded entity in the real estate sector of Pakistan due to its unmatched dedication and transparency. That is why any new project by the MPCHS is sold instantly.

Prime Location

The location of MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase II is ideal as it is at Chakri Road opposite Faisal Town Phase-II. M-2 Motorway and Thalian Interchange also lie in the vicinity of Multi Gardens Phase 2. It lies in the jurisdiction of the Punjab Government, and all the approvals will be acquired from the competent authorities of the province. If you are coming from Rawalpindi, then this is the first private housing society that will fall your way on Chakri Road.

The developers had paid special attention to the location of this residential venture so that it would have quick access from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Multi Gardens Phase II Google map is also easy to understand, and one can quickly reach the area using it.

Major Amenities

Multi Gardens Phase II offers a range of amenities that are provided in all the modern residential projects of the 21st century. The developers are quite concerned about the world-class development of Phase 2, and that is why they are working in close collaboration with the qualified teams present on site. Below we have mentioned a few major amenities that are going to be part of the residential society.

Grand Jamia Mosque

To uplift the religious spirits of the residents and offer an opportunity to strengthen their connection with the Almighty, a grand Jamia mosque will be built to cater to the needs of thousands of worshipers living in Multi Gardens Phase II


Healthcare facilities in Multi Gardens Phase II will be state-of-the-art and operated by trained staff. Any kind of emergency will be met at the hospital and clinics

Academic Institutions

The developers have ensured to provide the best education system and facilities to knowledge seekers within the boundaries of the Multi Gardens Phase II

Commercial Square

The highest degree of profit and business opportunity will be provided to the residents of Multi Gardens Phase II. The commercial center will be fully equipped to cater to any commercial needs of the inhabitants

Secure Environment

A secure environment is quite necessary for any successful housing scheme. That is why a fully enclosing boundary wall, security guards, and CCTV cameras will provide a foolproof living to the residents of Multi Gardens Phase II

Energy Efficient

Multi Gardens Phase II is a well-designed housing society catering to the modern needs of the inhabitants by offering contemporary and efficient energy solutions

Smart Traffic Control

A smart traffic control mechanism will be in place to keep the traffic as smooth and congestion-free as possible. All the streets and main roads will be embedded with smart traffic signals along with sign boards for better management


It is one step above other cities in providing essential services for its citizens, including the buses rapid transit system (BRT).

Commercial and Residential Plots


The MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 is second to none in the real estate industry of Pakistan. The owner and developers are ensuring the infrastructure development on modern principles.

A range of unique and one-of-a-kind features are especially part of the housing society. That is why investors flock to grab the investment opportunity in the residential society. All the primary and luxurious features are going to enhance the lifestyle of the residents.